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Dental Services

At Webster Dental Care, our priority is to provide an anxiety-free dental experience for patients of all ages. Our experienced dentists understand that patients' dental needs change throughout their lives, so they provide personalized treatment to suit any stage of life.

For our younger patients, going to the dentist is often a painful and unpleasant experience, so our team works hard to make their visit fun and enjoyable to establish a positive attitude towards dental care that will last the rest of their life. For our older patients, our dentists provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance services to treat dental diseases and conditions that occur with normal aging. No matter the age or needs, our talented dental team's friendly and expert care has served generations of St. Louis families with high-quality services and customized treatments.


From straightforward exams to complex procedures, the dentists at Webster Dental Care provide a wide range of dental services for our St. Louis patients. Our dedicated dental team treats every patient's smile with personal attention to ensure they receive the right treatment for their needs. Your dentist will not only determine the best care for your teeth, but also guide you through your customized treatment plan with compassion and understanding. With over 33 years of experience in the St. Louis area, Webster Dental Care is dedicated to creating and maintaining your healthy, beautiful smile!

Tooth Pain Treatment

Webster Dental Care treats patients who are experiencing tooth pain for a variety of reasons. Whether you are experiencing pain because of decay or bacteria, our dentists will determine the best treatment to give you a pain-free, healthy smile.

General Dentistry

For maintaining a healthy smile, our dentists provide bi-annual dental exams that include professional cleaning, dental x-rays, and tips for continued home care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For a beautiful smile, cosmetic dentistry enhances your teeth’s appearance through treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and more.

Periodontal Treatment

Our dentists provide individualized periodontal treatment and maintenance services to prevent or reverse any tooth and gum damage.

Dental Restoration

Our dental restoration options ensure our patients receive the least invasive treatment plan for restoring a tooth back to its normal appearance and function.

Crowns in One Visit

Crowns in One Visit is an affordable and convenient option for St. Louis patients who want a high-quality crown in a single appointment. The CEREC sculpting technology creates a ceramic crown to cover the tooth and restore it to its natural shape and appearance. The experienced dental team at Webster Dental Care is proud to offer Crowns in One Visit for a quick, convenient experience.


If you are in need of an exam or dental treatment, please call 314-96-TEETH (83384) and request an appointment with one of our local St. Louis dentists at Webster Dental Care today!