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Quick Facts

  • Treatment Duration? 2+ appointments
  • Why? Replace missing teeth
  • Who? Adults
  • Effective For? 25+ years

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Because they are made to resemble natural teeth, some patients find that dentures actually improve the appearance of their smiles. There are two types of dentures: Complete dentures that replace all of the patient’s teeth and partial dentures that replace only damaged sections of teeth, leaving undamaged portions of the patient’s natural teeth.

The Denture Process

For complete dentures, patients will receive both immediate and conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are placed right after the removal of the natural teeth, so the patient can continue regular eating and chewing while they are waiting for their conventional dentures. Due to the inflammation from tooth extraction, immediate dentures may need to be adjusted throughout the healing process to properly fit the gum tissue.

After the gums have fully healed, conventional dentures are made, placed, and adjusted to best fit the patient’s gums. When the conventional dentures are placed, it is normal for patients to go through an adjustment period that can include increased saliva, discomfort, and difficulty speaking and chewing. As the body adjusts to the new dentures, however, these issues will cease. Through proper care and oral hygiene, patients can greatly extend the lifetime of their dentures.