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Quick Facts

  • Treatment Duration? Two appointments
  • Why? Fill spaces left by missing teeth
  • Who? All ages
  • Effective For? 5+ years

Porcelain fixed bridges are a cosmetic dental treatment used to close the space left by missing teeth and maintain the shape of the smile. As the name indicates, porcelain fixed bridges use the teeth on either side of the gap as anchors to create a row of artificial teeth that fills the space. Unlike partial dentures, porcelain bridges are not removable because the porcelain teeth are permanently attached to the anchoring teeth using crowns. At Webster Dental Care, the most popular dental bridge option is the porcelain fixed bridge because it is designed to resemble the patient’s natural teeth. During your consultation, your dentist will discuss the appropriate dental bridge for your specific smile.

The Porcelain Fixed Bridge Process

Like most cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental bridges require a minimum of two appointments. During the first appointment, impressions are taken to create the anchoring crowns, and a temporary bridge is placed. The creation of the permanent crowns can take several weeks, so the temporary bridge will help prevent pain and shifting teeth during this time. During the second appointment, the temporary bridge is removed, and the permanent porcelain bridge is cemented and adjusted.

Dental bridges typically last five or more years before needing reattachment or replacement. After your initial treatment, Webster Dental Care will provide you with instructions for dental hygiene, diet, and care that can help extend the life of your bridge.