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Quick Facts

  • Treatment Duration? Two appointments
  • Why? Replace defective fillings
  • Who? Adults
  • Effective For? 25+ years

Inlay restorations are custom metal or porcelain fillings that are cemented into the cavity of a tooth to repair defective fillings or replace areas of decay. Dental inlays require less work than dental crowns and on-lay restorations, so they are an ideal replacement for unattractive silver and composite fillings.

If you have broken or fractured teeth, extensive tooth decay, or large fillings, dental inlays may be a good option for you. Before recommending an inlay restoration, the dentists at Webster Dental Care will carefully evaluate your oral health and determine whether an inlay restoration is the best treatment option for your needs and goals.

The Inlay Restoration Process

Inlay restorations are typically completed in two office visits. During the first appointment, your dentist will take impressions of the damaged tooth to create a custom inlay and place a temporary filling while the new inlay is being created. In the second appointment, the new dental inlay will be placed and checked for a proper fit.

Though dental inlays are highly durable, they are not necessarily permanent if they are not properly maintained. After your inlay is fitted, your Webster Dental Care dentist will provide you with comprehensive care instructions to extend the life of your inlays.