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Quick Facts

  • Treatment Duration? One appointment
  • Why? Replace damaged teeth
  • Who? All ages
  • Effective For? 5+ years

Composite fillings replace the damaged sections of teeth caused by decay, cracks, and more. Designed to match the color of the natural tooth, composite fillings can last for many years when properly cared for. Because of this, composite fillings are most commonly used to treat dental damage or decay on the front, visible teeth. At Webster Dental Care, your dentist will thoroughly explain the advantages and disadvantages of a composite filling before beginning your procedure.

The Composite Filling Process

Unlike many restorative dental procedures, composite fillings typically only require one appointment. After numbing the damaged tooth, the dentist will carefully remove the decayed portions. Next, the tooth will be carefully cleaned to prepare it for the composite filling. This may require medication and special consideration if the decay is close to the tooth’s nerve. Finally, the dentist will place, shape, and polish the composite filling to reflect the natural appearance and shape of the tooth. Following the treatment, the dentists at Webster Dental Care will provide you with detailed instructions for proper care and cleaning techniques to extend the life of the composite filling.